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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Rough "Translation"?

Here's something you may be reading about Friday.

An actor was just fired from Manhattan Theatre Club's production of "Translations" for "harsh physical contact" with his leading lady. This is the Irish actor Michael Fitzgerald's Broadway debut. His part, Doalty, is being filled in by the understudy, for the remaining few shows before closing Sunday.

Must have been pretty ugly backstage if they let him go with just five shows left.

Man, even with a successful show, the Curse of the Biltmore just won't let up!

I would actually like to see "Translations" since it's a beautiful play and Gary Hines is a great Irish director. But I probably won't get the chance....Anyone see it, with or without the fisticuffs?

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Anonymous said...

I saw it in previews, and I have to say I was shocked at how positive the reception was. I found it completely unengaging. The play I had seen before in a college production, and it's got some lovely writing; the scene the reviews all mention, where an Irish girl and a British soldier fall in love in two different languages, is very tenderly and thoughtfully written.

But the direction was ponderous and slow, and the whole thing felt very thick. I was sitting in the (free) cheap seats, way up high and back, so doubtless that affected the experience, but from where I was I couldn't feel any emotional weight to anything that happened.