The Playgoer: Not Over till the Ewok Sings?

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Not Over till the Ewok Sings?

This lede from review of Grady Hendrix's "Spider-Man 3" review in the NY Sun might bring a smile of painful nostalgia to anyone who grew up with bad 80s blockbusters:

The third part of a movie trilogy is always a tough nut to crack, and the pressure has driven many directors insane. "Superman 3" featured a drunk Superman battling Richard Pryor; "Return of the Jedi" was infested with Ewoks singing a musical number entitled "Yub Nub."
What's that? George Lukas wants a piece of the Disney Broadway franchise? "Ewok! The Musical!"???


Anonymous said...

Just a nit-pick. It's GRADY Hendrix.

Playgoer said...

Apologies to Mr. Hendrix. The error has now been emended above.

Anonymous said...

that ewok song is great. though I believe with the new "remade" star wars lucas took it out. that's what these psycho fans accomplish. no more ewok's banging to the beat on stormtrooper helmets with primitive ewok drumsticks...

Anonymous said...

An ewok musical would be terrific. Just think: the marketing could build on the Cats audience!

And really, I think that a Broadway musical version of Superman 3 might have been the only thing that could save that abomination.

Although nothing could have helped Superman IV: The Quest for Peace