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Monday, April 23, 2007

Quote of the Day

"Here undergraduate director David Gerson, who brought the play over after seeing it at London's Soho Theatre, demonstrates that universities can get a show on its feet, never mind the niceties. Without a board, or a subscriber base, or the ugly realities of financing, students can get the exchange started — before a slower moving pro could get his programs to the printers. Brecht's shows went up in American schools long before Broadway; the establishment was still laughing at Gertrude Stein when her work appeared in an Oxford newspaper."

- Helen Shaw in today's Sun on how an interesting UK theatre piece getting its New York premiere at Columbia University.

To cities outside of New York, it won't be news that campuses can be the main hotbed of groundbreaking or just exciting new theatre. So we Gothamites should not neglect the student-subset either.

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