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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Deep Thoughts

...for playwrights.

New Dramatists Dramatists' Guild Exec. Dir. Gary Garrison, via blogger Patrick Gabridge

1. Be aware of your own strengths as a writer (we're all well aware of our own weaknesses).

2. Beware of jealousy that comes from comparing yourself to peers who are at different places in their careers from you. You need to set your own milestones.

3. Find a theatre hero, a playwright whom you admire. Read all of her work and all about her, so that you really have someone that you know in depth and can use as inspiration.

4. Don't expect your loved ones to read your mind, in terms of supporting you and your art. Let them know how to best support you.

5. Stop trying to get an agent. When you need one, they'll come to you.

6. No one asked you to be a writer.

Correction: I meant Dramatists Guild, not New Dramatists.


Anonymous said...

Gary Garrison is the Executive Director of the Dramatists Guild, not New Dramatists. Completely different organizations. And neither of them is a League. Just FYI.

Playgoer said...

Yikes! Thanks for catching that. I absolutely meant Dramatists Guild. I think I slipped while typing because I was trying to say Garrison was the NEW head of the DG. Once you type those word "New" & "Dramatists", I guess, they take on a life of their own.

Sorry, Todd London!