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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Raw B.O.

According to Variety, Broadway grosses have been sinking the last few weeks. Spring weather? Pre-Tony uncertainty?

Well whatever the reason, note how the worst got worser last week for those well-regarded more serious shows on the Rialto.

Capacity Percentages, April 30-May 6 (from Playbill, figures rounded off):

Company 42%
Coram Boy 37% (down 9% from previous week)
Grey Gardens 52% (down 10% from two weeks ago--rumored to be related to Christine Ebersole's frequent absences)
Journey's End 26% (down 7% from previous-- incoming!!!)
Radio Golf (in previews) 49%
Spring Awakening 64% (down 7% from previous)
Talk Radio 42% (down 4% from previous)

Faring better are...
Frost/Nixon 77% (though Variety says 64%)
Year of Magical Thinking 93%

and the winner, and still champion, even at almost $100 a ticket and $300 for the trilogy...
Coast of Utopia 92%

So what does the market tell us here? That the three top-drawers are simply the best plays?

1 comment:

Tom said...

It tells us that the three top drawers are above-average pieces have movie stars in them. If Denzel washington were in Radio Golf, peopel would be chewing their limbs off to share seats with each other.