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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Site Specific in the Halls of Power

NY Sun previews an unusual performance by the Women's Project:

"Word of Mouth," a series of seven short plays about women, work, and wealth being staged throughout the World Financial Center — in escalator banks, mezzanines, and abandoned office spaces....[It is] a way to address an issue both taboo and topical to women, particularly those who work in the theater world.

"It's a topic very much on the minds of the 30 lab artists that we mentor," artistic director Julie Crosby said. "These are women who are committed to a career in theater, which even today offers only 20% employment opportunities to them. So how do you bring these young women into this business which doesn't offer a financially secure future?"

For more see the WP site.

UPDATE: Another profile in Thursday's NYT metro section.

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Aaron Riccio said...

Just saw it last night, and I'll post about it shortly on my site (no formal review; I didn't attend as press, nor should it be experienced as "press"), but they're doing great stuff at World Financial Center, including the Lisa D'Amour + Katie Pearl project "Bird Eye Blue Print."