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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Live Blogging Tonight!

Just a reminder to the Williamsburg hipsters and L-train lovers out there that I'll be participating in the live blogging event at the Brick theatre. (Which I posted earlier about.)

Or, just follow the action by remote feed on the site we'll be blogging on. What else are you gonna do Sunday night, right?

Here's the lowdown, from the Brick peeps:

The Brick Theater, Inc. presents
The Impending Theatrical Blogging Event
The Pretentious Festival
Tickets are FREE!
Sunday, June 3, 9pm-10pm.

At The Brick Theater, 575 Metropolitan Avenue (btw Union & Lorimer)

The New York community of Theater Bloggers blog about blogging as a theatrical event, live, at The Brick Theater or anonymously at a undisclosed locations. Audience members are encouraged to join the blogosphere conversation on laptops provided at the theater for this event. Experience a conversation about the current state of theater and the web from some of the city’s sharpest writers and artists. Live and online at the same time!

Participating Theater Bloggers:
Aaron Riccio for Theater Talk, That
Sounds Cool and metaDRAMA

Adam Szymkowicz
The Playgoer
Ian W. Hill for Collisionworks
James Comtois for Jamespeak
Leonard Jacobs for The Clyde Fitch Report
Ludlow Lad for Off-Off Blogway
Mark from Mr. Excitement News
Matt Johnston for Theatre Conversation and Political Frustration
Matthew Freeman for On Theatre and Politics
Moxie the Maven
Rocco for What's Good/What Blows in NY Theatre

For reservations, visit
($2 service charge applies to reservations.)

For more information about the festival and The Brick, visit

Come by and say hi! I won't be silhouetted behind a screen with a voice modulator, promise.

Bloggers listed above were only tentatively confirmed and a couple of others were originally slated but won't be there in person, but perhaps online.

And still no idea what we'll actually be blogging about. But I'm told there will be a "moderator."


Anonymous said...

How very meta.


Sorry I can't be there, but hope the blogging goes well!

Anonymous said...

Bummer. I was hoping you guys would actually talk about theater.