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Friday, June 15, 2007

Playgoer @ Drama Book Shop, Today!

Oops. I can't believe I haven't plugged this yet.

I'm actually appearing at Drama Book Shop today(!) at 5pm along with other contributors to the 2007 New York Theatre Review, for which editor Brook Stowe was nice enough to solicit from me an essay on the "Corrie" controversy appears.

But forget about me. Since the volume includes some hot new downtown plays this is also a chance to hear excerpts from such talked about works as the Pulitzer-nominated "Elliot, A Soldier's Fugue," the modern-day "Three Sisters" riff "Food for Fish," and Anne Washburn's "I Have Loved Strangers." Fellow "essayists" George Hunka and Alan Lockwood will also appear.

Complete details here, where you can also buy the book! It's also for sale over the counter there today or any time.

So if you're free at 5:00 or you work midtown, come on down! Drama Book Shop is at 250 W. 40th St. Since the basement "performance" space is teeny tiny, reservations are recommended. Call the store at (
212)944.0595, ext. 417 or email them info_at_dramabookshop[dot]com.

And if you haven't been yet to the new expanded store (already five years old, I guess), it is indeed a great, great resource for the theatrelover, being the only bookstore in NYC left of its kind! Now that Applause shut down the brick & mortar.


Playgoer said...

Sorry, forgot to mention that "Food for Fish" is by playwright/blogger Adam Szymkowicz (of )

Anonymous said...
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Playgoer said...

Dear (and other readers): Please refrain from promoting your own causes masking as comments to a post on a totally different subject.

If it's germaine to the topic of the post, I'm actually quite flexible. Otherwise I'm just gonna delete.

Thank you.