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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Playgoing with the Playgoer!

If you've got a few grand to drop this summer, some free time, and want to study with the Playgoer, I teach a class every summer at Tisch Drama at NYU called "Theatre in New York." It's 6 weeks (June 26-August 4), meets Tuesdays and Thursdays (some Wednesdays) and we see shows twice a week on Tuesday & Thursday nights.

It is a real college class, so there's writing, reading, maybe even a test or two. But if you happen to be in college, you get a transcript and a grade so that your school might give you credit for it. There's a $300 ticket fee on top of the roughly $3200 tuition. (Ouch, I know. And no, I wish it were all going to me. I'm lucky to get my tickets free.)

So if you're interested for yourself, or for that special undergraduate in your life (I'm looking at you, Professor Humbert) you can download an application through

On the off chance you happen to already be an NYU student, then you can probably register directly through the usual channels.

Do feel free to email me [playgoer_at_gmail_dot_com] if you have questions.

Possible shows include the following:
"Radio Golf"
"10 Million Miles" (new Michael Mayer/Keith Bunin musical at the Atlantic)
"Gypsy" Encores reading with Patti LuPone
Robert Wilson's Fontaine Fables piece with the Comedie Francaise at Lincoln Center Festival
"St. Joan of the Stockyards" at PS122
Rinde Eckert's piece at NYTW
Sara Ruhl's "Eurydice"
...and many, many (ok, not so many) more. Probably 10-11 shows in all.

Please note that this list does not necessarily reflect my opinion of what's the best out there, but a combination of what will be out there these 6 weeks, at an affordable price, with tickets available. Feel free to suggest other shows you'd think we be good for an educational experience!

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