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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

REVIEW: In a Dark Dark House

A Village Voice review.

In which I dissent from Mr. Ben Brantley's esteem for this latest threadbare play by Mr. Neil LaBute.

The headline isn't mine, but I gotta hand it to my editor Brian Parks for getting it exactly right: "MCC decides mounting another Neil LaBute play is a good idea."

I liked Frederick Weller in it, though. The photo already gives you an idea.

Note the LaBute debate going on over at Parabasis, btw.

Frederick Weller and Ron Livingston.
photo: Sara Krulwich

UPDATE: Looks like I'm also dissenting from David Cote! Did I miss something about this play? I really don't consider myself a LaBute-hatah. Maybe I have to see/read more of his really bad plays to appreciate this one?

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Playgoer said...

Something I neglected to mention in the review, which is probably pretty important, is... the ending makes NO sense. Am I right? Anyone seen it who had no problem with that?

Spoilers welcome. If you want to protect yourself, I guess, don't read these comments...