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Monday, July 02, 2007

REVIEW: Fall Forward

My review from last week's Voice is finally online of the now departed Fall Forward, a site-specific play by Daniel Reitz, that was performed at the charming little United Methodist Church at John Street.

(Photo, at right, is clearly not current, but the only one I could find. In typical austere Methodist fashion, even the church's website bears no images.)

I was interested to see, in the same week, Reitz also singled out in Jason Zinoman's review of the latest EST marathon. Someone to watch?

Seeing a play on John Street, by the way, has a neat extra theatrical significance in the history of this city. The church is just steps away from what was once the John Street Theatre (15-21 John Street), now a small office building. It was here, in 1787, that the play usually considered the first written by a "native" American citizen was performed, The Contrast. The theatre was erected in 1767 and thirty years later, in 1797, it was converted into a feed store. A telling beginning to the new republic.

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