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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Stoppard "Rocks" on the Radio

In case you can't wait--or can't afford--to see Stoppard's "Rock and Roll" on Broadway next season, BBC has it for you free online! Starting tonight, and available for the next seven days only. Not the original cast, and not downloadable, alas.

While you're at it, check out the enviable lineup of all the plays on their Drama 3.

Where are you, NPR! Oh right, too busy with wall-to-wall Ira Glass navel-gazing.


parabasis said...

What is it that people have against Ira Glass? First of all, the man has one show on NPR. Secondly, he's incredibly good at what he does. Third, he employs many comedians, freelance writers, and actors, thus giving them gainful employment.

Not to mention This American Life, in its episode Habeaus Schmabeaus highlighted the extralegal detention at Guantanamo and how it works way before a major news outlet would touch it.

Ken said...

Yes, it is shameful that there is no radio drama on NPR, though that's not Ira Glass' fault. Is it so impossible to add a couple of hours of drama, people? The closest we get is "Selected Shorts," where actors read short stories (and pretty boring ones, from what I've heard). That's close, but not close enough.
Also shameful is the now complete lack of live drama on PBS. This is a sad commentary on how these non-profit supposedly alternative outlets (particularly PBS)have been pressured by the general right-wing philistinism that has taken over our country into filling their time with a lot of cute dreck that is easy to digest but offers nothing lasting. Just check out a Channel 13 pledge drive and see what you come up with.