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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chuck Mee

A NY Sun profile/preview by Kate Taylor in anticipation of the new Signature Theatre season devoted to three new plays by Charles Mee.

Then again, the man writes so much, so often, that when you take into account all the little productions by downtown ensembles, students, and professional productions around the country every season ends up being a Season of Mee these days.

I find my own reactions to Mee's work downright mercurial. I loved True Love, especially in Daniel Fish's original production, but not a big fan of Big Love, where I feel Mee's natural logorrhea gets the better of him. I respected the recent Gone--in print, no less--but that was a typical example of what Kate Taylor's title calls "The Collage Artist" aspect of his work--which in the end limits my excitement over his plays.

Still, I'm struck by how much of an icon Mee has become to downtown artists everywhere. Dare I say we have a new "Mee Generation" rising in the ranks?

In a related story, Signature Theatre has four years to find a new home.

UPDATE: For the Mee-Maniacs, here's another one, from David Cote.

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