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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lockout Watch--Prepare Youselves!

Well, so much for progress...

Late last night, Variety posted this:

Broadway is one step closer to a potential shutdown, with labor talks between Rialto producers and the stagehands’ union coming to a close Tuesday night with both sides putting their best and final offers on the table.

The League of American Theaters and Producers made their offer at around 6:45pm Tuesday. Local One responded with their own best, last offer about 10:10pm.

Talks concluded shortly thereafter, with no date yet set for further meetings.

If an agreement is not reached, the mostly likely result would be a lockout initiated by the producers, an action that would darken the majority of Broadway offerings.

Meanwhile, this morning New York 1 confirms that the League did officially "reject" said Union offer. And that the previous League offer had been rejected as well. So, it's getting serious, people.

Remember, if the League goes ahead with the lockout (and do remember it's a management "lockout" not a union "strike," though we'll see how the press covers it), everyone's affected except Roundabout's (Pygmalian & The Ritz), MTC (Mauritius), Disney (Lion King, Poppins, Mermaid) and Mel (Young Frankenstein being safe in the non-League Hilton theatre.) So they'll have the field to themselves. And the tourists will be happy with at least some of those choices. I don't think even this will make them flock to a new play like Mauritius. But who knows, maybe it will see a boost.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

shame it's mauritius. would be good for something less mediocre to get a boost...