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Thursday, October 18, 2007

New 45 Bleecker owners

The former home of the Culture Project (they were priced out) is under new management:

Producer Louis Salamone is the new owner of Off Broadway’s Theaters at 45 Bleecker Street, which includes two stages and a cafe.

Salamone will manage the venue with Edmund Gaynes, also his management partner at Actors Temple Theater and St. Luke’s Theater. The duo also have produced Off Broadway shows including “Picon Pie” and “Trolls.”

Calvin Wynter will manage the smaller downstairs theater, which will focus on comics, musicians and performance artists.

The combination of these different kinds of venues will hopefully offer some healthy cross-pollination.

Let's just hope it's not "All Trolls All the Time," though.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It was my local hardware store for over a decade, and all I remember now is day-after-day getting out of the subway hole from my day-gig and seeing Will Pomerantz all dirty and sweaty either lugging supplies in or carting trash out. That man deserves to have one of the theaters, or lobby, or at least a storage room (lol) named in his honor. I mean, anyone can see it know, but he had vision when there was only nuts & screws.