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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 22, Lockout D-Day

From Backstage:

The League of American Theatres and Producers declared an impasse in their negotiations with the Broadway stagehands and will begin unilaterally implementing portions of their final offer to the union, league executive director Charlotte St. Martin announced Tuesday night.

St. Martin did not say which portions of the league's final offer, which was made Oct. 9, would be implemented, only that the process would begin Monday.
And again, Local One holds its "strike authorization" meeting the night before, Sunday October 21. No consensus yet on whether the union members will vote to authorize a strike--nor even, if they so vote, when said strike would actually commence. (Could be a bargaining chip, a further show of solidarity.)

Speaking of solidarity jury is apparently now out, though, on how much Equity and the musicians can be counted on.
A spokeswoman for the musicians union said officials would have no comment. Equity is currently weighing its options, according to spokeswoman Maria Somma said. Though it is quite possible Broadway unions would not cross a Local One picket line, it is not absolutely certain.
So, a whole lot of hedging going on.

Meanwhile, NY1 reports the stagehands have said thanks, but no thanks to proposed mediation by Hizzoner/"Arts Lover" Mike Blumberg.

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