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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stagehands Vote to Strike...Eventually...Maybe

Vote was "unanimous":

Members of Local One, the union representing almost all Broadway stagehands, authorized their leaders to call a strike in a unanimous vote today, the union said. While the vote does not mean that a strike is inevitable, it is a necessary step if one is to be called.

In a statement, the union said that there were no plans for a strike, which would leave most Broadway theaters dark, though James J. Claffey Jr., the president of Local One, was quoted as saying at the meeting, “No work in December without a deal.”

Remember, this is all about leverage over the next month, into the holidays.

Full story now in NYT.


Anonymous said...

October 21, 2007

Statement by Charlotte St. Martin, Executive Director,
The League of American Theatres and Producers, Inc.

"Today's strike authorization vote is a typical part of the bargaining process with Local One.

“The League wants the theatergoing public to know that all shows will continue to perform until and unless Local One walks out. No one at the League wants Broadway to go dark. The responsibility for a decision to shut down Broadway rests squarely with Local One.

“As it has done twice during the two most recent negotiations, Local One has, once again, threatened to strike during the busy holiday season when the harm would be most severe -- hurting theatergoers, tourists from around the world, hard working waiters, cab drivers, hotel workers and others who rely on the industry to make a living, the City's economy, and most of all, the actors, musicians and other employees of Broadway.

“The League remains committed to our final contract offer. The “featherbedding” practices of the past are simply no longer acceptable. Our position is clear: no work, no pay.

“The final contract we have offered Local One ensures that the stagehands are still the highest paid theatrical workers in the world -- with many making upwards of $200,000 or more.

“Local One not only rejected our offer, but their counter-offer would require us to pay even more people to do nothing. Under Local One's proposal, costs for new musicals would rise by 30% and for plays would rise by 44%. This is indefensible in an industry with a financial failure rate of 80%.

“If the Union is willing to deal with the issues in our final offer, we are available to listen. The League's members remain united in our commitment to achieve positive change and a fair contract."


One NYC StageHand said...

"The responsibility for a decision to shut down Broadway rests squarely with Local One." And the League and Ms. St. Martin, formerly of the hospitality industry, are merely innocent by-standers in this little contretemps. These dirty, dirty men should be glad that they only want to cut 38% out of their income. The ingrates don't realize how good they have it. There are Mexican workers that would relish working for the League for a quarter or less of what these guys make. That's how it works in the hospitality industry, no reason it can't work that way on Broadway.

Anonymous said...

I hope broadway loses its shirt.

Maybe then the idiots from out of town will think twice spending 100 plus dollars for candy ass entertainment.