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Friday, November 30, 2007

The Big Picture

From today's Riedel, once again excellently sourced:

The seeds of the showdown were planted more than 10 years ago, when a group of aggressive producers, appalled at the amount of money it cost them to put on a show, decided it was time to take on the unions one by one.

They launched their first attack in 2003 against the musicians. After a four-day strike, the producers were able to reduce - but not eliminate - the number of players they had to hire for a show.

Three years ago, they went after the actors in an attempt to reduce the cost of touring companies. There was no strike, but the negotiations were nasty and protracted.

On the sidelines, watching these clashes were the stagehands - the toughest union of all.

They knew they were next.

See a pattern?

Turns out a League-Equity "rematch" is on its way. That contract is up in just 6 months...

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