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Thursday, November 29, 2007

REVIEW: "The Constant Couple"

My review in Time Out today of a rare occasion: a Restoration comedy production that doesn't suck.

It's The Constant Couple, a 1699 hit by George (Recruiting Officer, Beaux Stratagem) Farquhar. Reportedly it was also the hit of the Restoration, setting all box office records until The Beggar's Opera surpassed it in 1728. Of course it didn't receive its NY premiere

Anyway it's no masterpiece, and no laugh-out-loud riot. And there are some hit or miss choices. But it's easily the best production of a classical play I've seen at the Pearl Theatre in a long, long time. (Before their promising foray into 20th Century US Drama last year I had almost given up on them.) Kudos to hiring a smart outside director, Jean Randich, to helm this one.

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