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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Apparently a Mr. Larry Myers, in addition to being a Hollywood gossip columnist is also a playwright. According to Page Six, his latest project may be just a bit too highbrow, though.

a fan asked him if his new play, "Stephen Crane & Dangerous Women," was about "the 'Hogan's Heroes' guy who did home porno flicks." Myers replied: "That was Bob Crane. Think 'Red Badge of Courage.' "
Of course, that story (Bob's, that is) has already been splendidly dramatized by Paul Schraeder in his film Auto Focus, which in addition to many other squirm-inducing moments includes the most accurately pathetic depiction of dinner theatre, ever.

Other than Kevin Kline's unforgettable Willy Loman refilling drinks routine in "Soapdish."*

But I digress...

*Correction: Yes, it's "SoapDISH," not "Soapbox." Obvious Freudian slip. And yes, it's a bad movie, but great scene, nonetheless.

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Anonymous said...

You mean "soap-DISH." Terrible film.