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Monday, December 17, 2007

"Geezer Gate"

No, I don't usually link to Cindy Adams. But here's a rather amusing story. In the vein of the senior citizen audience "shout outs" we've been chatting about lately.

It was Wednesday night. It was Geezer gate. It was Kevin Kline and Jennifer Garner's "Cyrano de Bergerac." Rich ard Rodgers Theatre. The respectful audience, as befits this celebrated revival, remained properly hushed. Not a candy wrapper crinkled, not a sneezer wheezed. But in Row Q sat a little bald old man. His heart was obviously in the right place, but his eardrums weren't. Poor guy couldn't hear a "wherefore art thou" from a "whithersoever goest thee," and from the stage those "prithees" all knocked together with their "mayhaps."

Finally, mustering up nerve, the gent actually cupped his hands and shouted through the packed house, "Speak up louder!" Kevin Kline never faltered. In character, right in the middle of his scene, he adlibbed, "Methinks I hear ghosts in the theater." The audience broke up. They applauded. And the play moved right along. But from then on, the speech level didst indeed kick up a notch.

Yeah, that Kevin Kline. What an untrained slouch.

Plus I'm sure that show is miked to the gills.

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Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

When I took in the revival, the sound was spotty at best. Even I had a hard time hearing some of the less polished players (excluding, of course, Mr. Kline).