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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

REVIEW: Baby Jesus One Act Jubilee

In this week's Voice, my trip to Williamsburg, for the Brick Theatre's one-act fest, the Baby Jesus Jubilee.

I'm sorry I could only go to one of the two programmes. And that I missed the one Matt Freeman's play is in! So go check either one out yourself.

I'd like to add that space did not allow me to praise all the many fun performances of the evening, so let me just add especially that everyone in the Marc Spitz play--Ian W. Hill (who also directed), Alyssa Simon, and Aaron Baker--were all hilarious, and helped make that sketch a highlight.


Freeman said...

For the name-check, I completely forgive you!

Might I add an "Amen" to the excellent Marc Spitz contribution and the whole cast.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a piece on the other bill.

Thanx for your secondary luv :(

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thanks from me - forgot to say something. Glad you liked it.