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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

From Urine to Yeast

At last, Kotis and Hollman follow up with a veritable "Urinetown" sequel. Or is that prequel?

"The year is 3,000,458,000 B.C., and the Earth's first life forms, salt-eating yeasts (yes, yeasts), float in the brine of the primordial soup, under the rule of a dim-witted tyrant. As resources deplete and fear prevails, the faith of one single-celled dreamer changes their society forever, and out of chaos and destruction a new world emerges. Combining '80s rock with a touch of disco, Yeast Nation can't help but be one of most non-political and slightly amusing evenings of musical theatre in America. Here come the Yeasts!"
Classic Kotis.

Not on Broadway yet. Or even Off. But unveiling at Chicago's American Theater Company next season. (After preeming at Alaska's Perseverance last Fall.)


Anonymous said...

off topic:

Playgoer, you don't have an email posted, so here's a link with an interesting interview with Handke. I know you were posting about him many moons ago:

Playgoer said...

Thank you, anon. I'll forgive the off-topic.

But FYI I do have an email, but it's only viewable by clicking on my "profile" page in the top right margin.

It's: playgoer(at)gmail(dot)com