The Playgoer: Legally Blonde to become Grease 2?

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Legally Blonde to become Grease 2?

Michael Riedel reports:

The producers of "Legally Blonde" are so desperate to keep their show alive, they're prostituting Elle Wood to MTV.

The cable network, which broadcast "Legally Blonde" last year, will conduct a search for an unknown actress to play Elle when the accomplished Laura Bell Bundy leaves the show later this year.


MTV's passing out flyers on college campuses all over town, urging young women to audition. The flyer says: "No theatrical experience necessary."

That's right, this casting-by-reality-show ordeal will be on MTV.

Let's at least hope this one will be better produced, then.

(Also in Riedel today...his ongoing feud with Mel Brooks.)

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