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Friday, January 25, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Bloggers have a wider range, from the too stupid to ever see in print, to the too expert and specialized to ever see in print."

-Roger Ebert


Anonymous said...

If you love theatre, you should really check out the North Coast Repertory theatre in Solana Beach California! Our current prodution, string of pearls, is absolutely splendid. Go online to and check it out. -Betty

Aaron Riccio said...

Ugh, Playgoer, the ads are eating up your site.

I much prefer this line, though:

"Training and experience you can accumulate on the job."

Now that the "job" has such a smaller market, isn't blogging an essential way to get that so-called on-the-job training?

Playgoer said...

Dear Betty @ North Coast:

Thanks for your invite. My AA frequent flyer number is 98X9A07.

When are you going to fly me out from New York?



PS Please don't spam the blog.