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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Self-Promotion Day

Turns out Time Out Chicago has done a round-up similar to TONY's a couple of months ago on the "everyone's a critic" nature of blogging. I like theatre editor Christopher Piatt's hailing of the nationwide theatre blogging phenomenon (in, alas, a web-only theatre perspective) as closing the gap between theatre cities and increasing national awareness of what we're all doing.

I also thoroughly approve of his assessment of one Playgoer as "the dean of New York Bloggers." Man, I remember when we called Terry Teachout that, then George Hunka. I wish we had some kind of initiation ceremony, a passing of the torch--or the mouse? That would be cool.

When my term of office is up, I will gladly pass my title down to the most worthy. Or the highest bidder.

The feature also includes some links and profiles to valuable Chicago theatre bloggers, like Rob Kozlowski and a list of lesser known Windy City muckrakers. (The essential Don Hall is covered in the web-only feature.)

In other news about me... Isaac Butler and myself, believe it or not, were interviewed for Hong Kong radio! Roving New York correspondent Neil Chase reached out to us to comment for the world on the Broadway and non-commercial scenes. A two-parter!

Why do I get the feeling touist ticket sales from Hong Kong just dipped?


Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations, Dean Eisler!

Zack Calhoon said...

Congrats to you.

I always viewed George Hunka as the Samuel Beckett of the theatrosphere or as a friend of my said, "Samuel Bloggett".

Anonymous said...

You're welcome to the title, Dean Eisler. Congrats from me as well.