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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Broadway is Texting You!

Remember when they used to tell playwrights on the Rialto, "If you want to send a message, use Western Union"?

Well, amend that to: "text it!"

(I mean, talk about dated expressions...)

Some scary visions from the future of "viral" marketing last week from Variety's Gordon Cox. Basically, Broadway producers are eager to adopt the latest in cellphone targeting to send you all kinds of "subliminable" promptings via your phone. Or better yet--if you have a headset--into your head!

I linked to a similar report here back in June.

One consolation:

Current mobile activity on the Rialto requires consumers to take the first step in opting in. The paranoid worst-case scenario, which imagines your phone ringing every time you walk past a Broadway theater, isn't really possible with most U.S. phones, according to Wachs.
Wha??? There are phones in Europe that have some mind of their own?

If this comes here, I am avoiding that "Grease" theatre like the plague.

(Dated expressions, I know, I know...)

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