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Saturday, March 22, 2008

On the Whole I'd Rather be in Philadelphia?

Good news for Philly Arts orgs...

More than 200 arts and cultural organizations in Philadelphia have been awarded grants totaling $2.1 million through the city's Cultural Fund. The grants range in size up to about $16,000, and while that might not seem like much, officials noted that the impact, particularly on smaller organizations, can be great.


"These grants are for general operations," said June W. O'Neill, manager of the cultural fund. "The money is unrestricted. It can be used for anything." Such unrestricted grants are highly prized by organizations, which, while they may be able to attract programming or capital donations, often have trouble paying utility bills or covering salaries, she said. The city money can be used to cover such costs.
"It's the most difficult kind of grant to find," O'Neill said.

[Mayor Michael] Nutter's five-year plan, released this year, also calls for reestablishing a city Office of Arts and Culture. Mayor John F. Street eliminated the last such office in a 2004 budget move, and arts advocates have bemoaned its demise ever since.

Coming on the heels of the public funding raised for that new Suzanne Roberts Theatre and the flourishing of the summer Arts Festival, it may just be a good time to be a doing some art down there.

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