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Thursday, April 17, 2008

REVIEW: Fire Island

Tina Alexis Allen & Stephen Payne in Fire Island. Photo: Diego Bresani

If it's true that writers generally write what they know...then Chuck Mee must do a lot of lying around on beautiful islands, fucking.

Hey, good for him. But seriously--be nice if he wrote about something else some time.

I kid, I kid. The truth is his Fire Island--while a bit insufferable in its Leo Bascaglia love-therapy-- has made for a quite impressive production at the 3LD space. The best use of the video facilities there I've seen.

My review in Time Out is basically positive, I guess. As drama, frankly, its wanting. But as an experience, it's worth sampling. Especially if you have a few friends to hang with.

And you're baked.

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