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Friday, April 25, 2008

Robert Brustein on Provincetown

The Playhouse, once upon a time.
The current NYU awning covers the building's
few Art Deco touches around the entrance.
(Compare to photo here.)

From Robert Brustein, published with his permission:
Tearing down this historic and important off Broadway playhouse would be a scandal and a disgrace. It has housed innumerable important shows, beginning with O'Neill's one-act plays, demonstrating that a postage stage can still be hospitable to great art.

I performed on this stage myself in the summer of 1949 when a group I helped to form, named Studio 7, spent two season there, doing Lorca, Strindberg, and others.

Please use this letter in any way you wish to help save this historic stage.

Robert Brustein
Curbed--that essential site on NYC real estate--has more on the controversy and on all the neighborhood/university politics involved.

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