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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Livent Trial update

Not that it's so important a story. But I'm following it in expectation of many hilarious glimpses into modern day Broadway producing.

Such as...

Livent officials ordered Kofman and another associate to charge what has been claimed as up to $1.7 million on their personal credit cards to purchase tickets for the Los Angeles run of "Ragtime."

This was done, the Crown Attorney [the Canadian prosecutors] claimed, not only to paint an exaggerated portrait of the show's success, but also to increase the amount of fixed assets on the Livent balance sheet.

Kofman said he was assured he would get the money back and receive legitimate invoices to back it up, but he eventually found himself involved in "a fight of unbelievable proportions" to try to reclaim the money.

Maybe that explains the Little Mermaid sales...

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