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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig: The Musical

by Abigail Katz

Oh you haven't heard of it?  Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is a musical in the works about the Governor of Alaska, complete with dancing action figures clad in American flag bikinis.  Word has it the helicopter from Miss Saigon will come out of retirement for the big wolf-hunting number (have no fear, real wolves will not be used in this production.)  There's buzz about the top of the second act, featuring a chorus of hockey-mamas, skating on a real ice-rink on stage.  There is some concern, however, that the creative team (whose names have been kept top-secret) may not be able to pull together the highly anticipated "Lipstick on a Pig" number.  Apparently they are facing some challenges with the pigs licking off the lipstick.  A great deal of money for the production has gone into creating stay-on lipstick that actually stays on animals, driving the capitalization of the tuner into the neighborhood of $25 million!  Supposedly the great state of Alaska is silent backer in the show, but sources have not been able to confirm.

Look for this show on the boards sometime in the spring at a theatre to be determined.

But seriously folks, even with all this nonsense, the real theatre goes on.  Look out for the launch of the New York Musical Theatre Festival, beginning this Monday, September 15th.  And if you really want to treat yourself to a good laugh check out What's That Smell: The Music of Jacob Sterling at Atlantic Stage 2.  David Pittu's portrayal of the fictional composer-lyricist is nothing less than genius.  Enjoy!


Scott said...

Oh, please let them use the wolves from BEAUTY & THE BEAST!

Ken said...

I saw "What's That Smell" yesterday, and can testify that it is hilarious.
A real treat. David is wonderful. I would suggest you run over to the Atlantic and see it now!