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Monday, October 13, 2008

Katzeye Report

by Abigail Katz

Counting Down

We've got 22 days until the election. That's it. TWENTY-TWO DAYS! I know, I know, it feels as long as a really bad production of a Chekhov play (I hear THE SEAGULL is great though!) Anyway, for the two people out there who are still undecided and are reading this blog, you might be interested to check out the candidates' respective positions on the arts, posted on the Americans for the Arts website. Click here for a direct link to the breakdown. For those who have already decided on your candidate, this is good info (and ammo!) for you too.


Things have been quiet on the LIPSTICK ON A PIG: THE MUSICAL front. There's some buzz that the Great State of Alaska, rumored to be a silent backer for the show, may be getting cold feet. Not surprising in the current economic climate. Producers insist, however, that the show will go on, and have been looking for ways to reduce the tuner's inflated budget, now estimated to be pushing $30 million. Apparently there's an argument over the skating rink for the "Hockey Mom" number. Obviously the producers want it out due to the enormous cost, but the writers feel it's essential to understanding the central character. One writer has suggested replacing that number with a new one called "Maverick," which may be a solution both parties can live with. Still no word on whether or not Tina Fey will join the cast as the Governor of Alaska, which is only one more reason to make investors nervous, as she would be the main draw. Honestly, considering Julie Taymor's SPIDER-MAN reportedly has a budget of $40 million, these investors should know they're getting a bargain.

Support the Arts

One grande soy latte from Starbucks = $4.60. Ten grande soy lattes from Starbucks = $46.00. Cut ten grande soy lattes over the course of a month, that's a $46.00 contribution to an arts organization, or the price of certain Off-Broadway or Off-Off Broadway tickets, or even some Broadway tickets, or almost enough for TWO tickets on TDF. Priceless.

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