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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Clive Barnes, dead

Just in...

NY Post critic for last thirty years, former NY Times critic (1965-1977, dead at 81.

Here are obits in both papers.


Catherine said...

I met him.
Great chap.

Anonymous said...

I always had the highest regard for Clive. He was accessible and always a gentleman. He covered Off and Off Off while he was lead critic at the Times. He was a particular champion of repertory -- specifically Chris Martin at CSC Repertory, which produced arguably the most consistent high caliber classical theatre – a measure that has not – in my opinion -- been matched since.

Theater of Ideas said...

That's a shame. I remember the first time I saw his name - he was quoted on my copy of Waiting for Godot, calling it one of the "masterpieces of the century"

Good call.

I always felt that he was from a generation of Times critics who had a deep knowledge and love of theater as an art form. Which oddly does not seem to be a requirement in the same way nowadays there.

Good critics are such a vital element of theater. He will be missed