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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some Reading

-Alisa Solomon takes on the recent Mamet revivals and the man himself in The Nation. ("Like a corporate logo one can easily identify without ever using the product it adorns, Mamet's iconic status seems to have overtaken the work.")

-"Artist representation in the work force is more than a thousand times greater than their representation in the stimulus package." So argues Scott Lilly of the Center for American Progress thinktank. If you're still in need of "talking points" to defend arts funding in the stimulus, look here.

- And in case you forgot what an arts stimulus would really look like, Jeremy McCarter fights the good fight over at Newsweek, reminding us about that WPA.

-The Public has announced the second season of its helpful "Lab" series, of $10 new-play workhops.

-And a nice NYT slideshow showing off the renovations to Ford's Theatre, including the most (in)famous box seat in American Theatre History.


Anonymous said...

so now we're gonna pay $10 to see an unfinished script get workshopped.

Or worse, pay $10 to see a finished script get demolished in workshop.

Oskar Eustis is a big fat fakeroni.

Anonymous said...

I saw every one of the plays in the Lab series last year. They were good -some of the best work I saw anywhere. They were not "being workshopped" in that horrible way; they were being PRODUCED without having to wait for anyone to raise tens of thousands of dollars. I have my disagreements with Oskar Eustis, but this sure isn't one of them.