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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Some have been saying for some time that the arts were overbuilt in the boom of the 90s when America built some $25 billion worth of new theaters, concert halls and museums (the 90s were the largest expansion of the arts in American history). So maybe a little market adjustment is in the making for the arts. The recession could cost us some of our oldest and most venerable arts organizations. And most certainly, the arts' middle class will take the biggest hit. Mid-size arts organizations always have the toughest time; they're too small to have the deep-pocket resources of large institutions, and too big to be able to cut to nothing as the small groups can often do."

-Douglas McClennan, of ArtsJournal & Diacritical.

On the brighter side he also lays out some of the extra potential perks for the arts in the stimulus package--including community block grants and, yes, extended unemployment benefits!

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