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Monday, June 15, 2009

Does Facebook Work?

For promoting your show, that is.

Here's a report on success in, ahem, Mumbai. So surely it must play in Peoria, too.

Or does it?

(Via ArtsJournal.)


RLewis said...

I loved the first line of the sub-title, “With audiences getting younger…”, while our big bugaboo is alleged to be that theater is dying, because the audiences are getting older.

I also liked this…

And this…

The EsoCritic said...

I just returned from India not long ago, where I attended a theater performance... an adaptation of Herb Gardner's
"I'm Not Rappaport," of all things.

They must be doing something right. Not only was my ticket about 25 cents, but the theater was beautiful and comfortable and completely full of people of ALL ages. The production values were better than I've recently seen at some noted off-Bway houses, and one of the actors was a well-known film star (again, apparently popular with audiences of all ages despite easily being in his 60s himself).

There was what looked like a donor board in the lobby, but it was the opposite of ostentatious. Handwritten! Keep in mind that the Indian government does not have the resources to subsidize the arts a la Europe, or even to compare with the budget of the NEA, which we're always complaining about.

Oh, and this was in Bangalore, the IT capital of the world... and not ONCE did I hear a cell phone!