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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Top Secret Mamet

Riedel breaks the embargo David Mamet has put on his new script, Race, bound for Broadway in the fall.

Who knows how accurate his account is, and, of course, even if he is recounting a genuine draft of the play, it sure can change between now and December(!). So I won't publish the possibly erroneous details here, but feel free to read his synopsis with a grain of salt.

In short, he quotes one source describing it as "Speed the Plow in blackface."

True, leaking details of a playwright's work in advance against their wishes may not be a good thing. (Think of all the damage unnecessarily done to Corpus Christi, a priori.) But then again--how many playwrights can even get away with such a news blackout? Only those who can sell a play based on their name alone.

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