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Friday, August 07, 2009

Quote of the Day

"In the current environment, when young writers are being encouraged to stay away from anything 'conventional' are we perhaps falling in love with a kind of playwriting that frankly just doesn’t work? Are we judging too harshly plays that do work? And how does the audience fit into this discussion? Does it?"

-Theresa Rebeck, playwright.

Any takers?

(Hat tip: Cote.)

1 comment:

Slay said...

This little quotation, like the rest of her piece, is full of generalizations and uncliarified statements. I suspect she's addressing a few very specific people (Paula Vogel perhaps) that she's unwilling to name.

Who's the "we" that's doing the judging here?

Does she really think ALL "young writers are being encouraged to stay away from anything 'conventional'"? Really? All of them?

What plays is she talking about that "just don't work" but "us" falling in love with them?

Are there really that many well-loved plays that don't have an equal measure of craft and creativity? Man, if she's got a bone to pick, I wish she'd just pick it.