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Thursday, September 17, 2009

NT Live continues

After what appears to have been a rip-roaring success with Phedre, their first foray into broadcasting live theatre into cinemas, London's Royal National Theatre continues the experiment with an All's Well That Ends Well.

According to Stage Directions:

NT Live performances are filmed live at the National Theatre in high definition and broadcast via satellite to over 330 cinemas and performing arts centers around the world, live in Europe and some U.S. cities, and time-delayed in countries further afield. The performances at the National are nominated in advance to allow cameras greater freedom in the auditorium. NT Live screenings in international venues, including the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Scandinavia and Europe, are supported by Travelex, the world’s foreign exchange and business payments specialist.
That Travelex sure is a nice sponsor--they're also behind the National's "10-pound ticket" initiative. (Pound as in sterling, not tickets printed on metal plates.)

Says AD Nick Hytner:
“The hugely enthusiastic reaction of audiences around the world to the NT Live broadcast of Ph├Ędre was thrilling,” says NT Director Nicholas Hytner. “I’m confident that we have pioneered a new genre: not quite live theatre, certainly not cinema, but an exciting approximation of the real thing whose potential reach is limitless. It means we can reach tens of thousands of people in addition to our work in London and on tour.”
Hm, not live theatre but an incredible simulation......Let's call it, Theatre-Mania??? (Sorry, that name is taken.)

I unfortunately missed the NYC screenings of the NT's Phedre. Any of you catch it?


Thomas Garvey said...

Don't knock it till you've seen it. I was overwhelmed by Mirren in Phedre. The experience is rather like watching live theater, only rendered titanic.

Unknown said...

I saw the screening in DC and was impressed with how immediate it felt. Despite being on a movie screen, it was totally engaging (though I'm sure this is due to the quality of the production). I've got my ticket for the Alls Well production on Monday!