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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Steady "Ring"

Another actor-cellphone confrontation caught live on YouTube. (Or in this case TMZ)

Hugh Jackman on Broadway in "A Steady Rain" chides someone in the audience either too clueless or too scared to actually find their ringing phone and shut it off. For over two minutes!

He may break the fourth wall, but apparently not his character, or his Chicago accent!

Yes, that is a Chicago accent both British thespians are using. Did you know this much-anticipated star-fucking showcase is NOT an English play? And that it's basically monologues, and that Wolverine and James Bond almost never play a scene with each other but sit on those stools all night?

No, I don't think most folks know that. But I'm sure they've already bought their tix.

1 comment:

Playgoer said...

By the way, Riedel reports both actors are being paid "nearly $100,000" a week for the run.

In case you don't know, that's quite above the Equity Broadway minimum.