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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Theatre-Geek Thanksgiving Punning

Good time waster this weekend: the TCG twitter-feed of proposed titles for "thanksgiving plays."

Best so far:

  • Yamlet.
  • A Sweetpotato Named Desire
  • Flower Drumstick Song
  • Much Ado About Stuffing
  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Ham
  • Basted ("Sarah Kane's controversial masterpiece")
  • The Ice Cream Cometh
and, of course:
  • God of Carnage
Pun-o-phobes be warned.



If this were Facebook, I'd like this.

Here's my input: Spring (Rolls) Awakening" (for my fellow Thanksgiving-celebrating Asians out there)

J. Kelly said...

The Hominy of Errors?

Shelagh said...

The Pumpkin Pie Eater

Anonymous said...

Winter's Squash Tale