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Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Theatre buzz from around the web.

-Hey actors, want a job? How about being head of Actors Equity! John Connolly has suddenly stepped down before the expiration of his term. Yes, to spend more time with his family. But also, he says, to go back to acting!

-It was on, then off, now on again: the Irish Rep's worthy "Emperor Jones" revival is indeed transferring to the Off Broadway Soho Playhouse.

-Who will star in Martin McDonagh's new American-set Broadway play, "A Behanding in Spokane"? Why, Christiopher Walken, of course. Thus further strengthening my hunch that this is merely another stepping stone in McDonagh's quest to become a hot indie filmmaker.


Adamflo84 said...

Mcdonagh's also got one of my favorite indie actor's, Sam Rockwell! Also Anthony Mackey who kicked indie film butt recently in the amazing "The Hurt Locker." So though I had never thought of this you are totally on to something.

Playgoer said...

Apologies, readers: I guess I was typing too fast to get this post up and titled it "Roundbut." I assure you this was not a size-ist wisecrack. It is now duly corrected.