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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Roundup

-Sir Jean-Luc Picard! Patrick Stewart gets knighted. Fun biographical fact: "Directors feared his baldness could cost him parts. But he wore a toupee for auditions and promise 'two actors for the price of one.'"

-Michael Riedel dishes on out-of-town troubles for the Addams Family musical. My only concern is the fate of its directors Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch (of Improbable Theatre and Shockheaded Peter), who seem to be getting the blame. Another case in point of Larry Gelbart's adage that working on a musical out of town is punishment fit for Hitler.

-Lists galore! Playgoer will not be compiling any Top Ten lists this December--a) because I don't like doing them, and b) what's the point when we'll all be doing them again in May for the "season"! The ensuing overlapping lists are sure confusing! But should you need a fix, here's everyone else's: Times (Brantley, Isherwood); Time Out; New York Mag; NY Post (Vincentelli); Time Mag (Steady Rain? Really??). And Michael Feingold outdoes them all in the Voice with a best of the Decade!


Anonymous said...

Gelbart's actual remark is "If Hitler ist still alive, I hope he's out of town with a musical."


Unknown said...

Perhaps McDermott and Crouch deserve some blame, but maaan, the Brickman/Elice book is a disaster. It desperately needs an entirely new book.

Playgoer said...

One more "best" list, Teachout's: