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Friday, December 18, 2009

Why Does Fox News Hate Children?

Thanks to Parabasis for drawing our attention to a Fox & "Friends" attack on the Pig Iron Theatre.

Yes, Philly's acclaimed Pig Iron group, creators of the OBIE-winning "Chekhov Lizardbrain" (which, happily, is making a return engagement to NYC in January for "Under the Radar" fest.)

They're the new targets of the Culture Wars??? And why? Because the Arts Council of Philadelphia decided to give this physical comedy-based troupe some of that federal stimulus money. To keep these folks, you know, employed. And also to allow them to keep entertaining people in these dark times.

One reason they make a ripe target--as has the esteemed Minneapolis Childrens Theatre--is because it makes for cheap shot headlines like, as you'll see below, "Cash for Clowns?" If you can't accuse "Cultural Elites" of throwing money at Homos, then the next best/worst thing is silly puppet shows, right?

Forget the profound tradition of physical "clowning" and puppetry in the history of performance--one that has led to the family friendly boffo B'way "Lion King", among other hit products. Why would Fox want to attack a form of theatre that appeals to...children!

Witness for yourself the oddly comically fey Steve Doocy tries to indict all artists merely by repeating the words "Pig Iron" as if that were enough to close his case.


Roger Dunbar said...

I think your title is misleading. I did not get any sense that "Fox hates children" from this clip. It was fairly echoing the concerns of people who may see theater spending as frivolous. While I don't agree with that fear, I think it's a valid question to ask. The host gives his guest ample time to prove his point and was actually quite respectful... no drilling him or mocking as is seen on more aggressive programs.

In a nutshell, I think you are reading way to much into this clip.

Playgoer said...

Sorry, sir, but you appear to mistake my tone for the ACTUAL faux-outrage practiced by FoxNews, rather than a mockery OF said faux-outrage.

So I hope you'll agree that it is FOX, not I, that habitually "reads too much into" many a fake controversy. Hence my point.