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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How Bad Could a German Rock Musical about Obama Be?

Lede of the Day:

On Sunday evening I sat thumping my chair in a suburb of Frankfurt, accompanying Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton singing “Yes We Can,” and thinking No I Can’t stand any more of this.
Yes, that's Frankfurt, Germany, and yes, that's "Hope!" the new American-written, German-produced Barack Obama musical.

Michelle und Barack rock the haus.

Catherine Hickley's review for Bloomberg is a scream. A taste:
When a character called Money Mack shows up on the street in a white suit, hat and shades with his shirt unbuttoned to the navel, surrounded by thugs to challenge the young Obama, he has to sing “I’m a hustla, hustla, hustla, hustla, smooth criminal.”
And of course there has to be "a vampish Sarah Palin in a surreal number called 'Soccer Mom Pit Bull.' She’s surrounded by dancers skimpily clad in fishnet and tights with holes, as though pit-bull Sarah had taken a bite out of them."  Yes, I believe in German that would be" Die Soccermompitbull.

What does that look like, you ask?

And, yes, there's video:

You're welcome.


Matt said...! Hey, with all of our musicals closing, we've got to have some space, right?

Anonymous said...

Hamburg is neither an alternative name for, nor a suburb of, Frankfurt. And that would probably be a "Fussballmuttipitbull".

Playgoer said...

Thanks for the geographical point, Anon. Indeed it was my lazy mistake to write Hamburg instead of Frankfurt. (Typical mistake for an American, I guess--hamburgers/frankfurters same difference.) Duly corrected above,