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Friday, January 29, 2010


-New statistical study of the Off Off Broadway scene (e.g. budgets, demographics, general "state of the field") now available from NY Innovative Theatre Awards.  Haven't had a chance to look over it myself, but will soon.

-Speaking of which, the Off-Off community is actively lobbying for a tax-break to their landlords. A good idea, and might be getting somewhere.

-As for their higher-profile cousins Off Broadway, another good ticket deal following up the "20/20" deal from last week: "On the House" which offers 2 for 1 on many top-drawer shows throughout February. (My recs, sight unseen, would be: the new Sam Shepard "Ages of the Moon"; an old Sam Shepard, "Lie of the Mind"; new English play, "The Pride"; new American play about Shakespeare "Equivocation"; "Measure for Measure" from TFANA, starring Jefferson Mays; the "new" Kander & Ebb musical, "The Scottsboro"; and a new musical from the Zellnik brothers, "Yank".)

-Is the solution to vanishing arts journalism getting your student interns to do it?  Sad, perhaps, but maybe it means some qualified people might be covering the arts for a change.

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