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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Standing Up For Pig Iron

Philly arts advocate Peggy Amsterdam reminds us why the last presidential election did matter, calling out John McCain's cheap shots at some NEA funding for two esteemed local troupes: Pig Iron Theatre and Spiral Q Puppet Theatre.

These arts organizations pay real wages and provide real health insurance to a group of people who face the same economic challenges as the rest of us. These are our neighbors, and they have mortgages, car payments, and college expenses. And their organizations' activities support other workers in the economy, such as plumbers, carpenters, lawyers, and accountants.

Artists need and deserve work, just as all Americans do.
That this Puppet and Pig Iron "scandal" became an official GOP talking point was evidenced on Fox News around the same time.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quote, Garrett. Peggy Amsterdam will be missed by the Philly arts community and by Philly at large. She was a fantastic advocate. She had passion and common sense in equal parts. Her passing is very sad.

Playgoer said...

Goodness I had no idea she died. I only just caught up with that op-ed from hers, which was quite, quite recent.

Thanks for clarifying.

RLewis said...