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Friday, February 19, 2010


-Who is Peaches?  And why is she being barred from performing her one-woman Jesus Christ Superstar?  Fight the power, Peaches!

-In case you missed last weekend's Sunday Magazine, NYT's Alex Witchel catches up with director David Cromer, post-Brighton Beach Memoirs. (He's back in NY, Off B'way, with a new Australian play.)

-Carrie Fisher is trying to sue her producer on her one-woman Wishful Drinking play/memoir over rights to the show.  What, you thought her producer was the nonprofit Roundabout Theatre Co., who presented her at the their Studio 54 Theatre in their subscription season?  Well...kind of...but that's not the sense I get from this article.  (Which would mean two of Roundabout's shows this season are basically commercial rentals.)

-Theatre artists anywhere in New York State (and I imagine there are a few of you) who want to do something to try to stop Albany from cutting state (and, hence, much city) arts funding, can go to NYS Arts Advocacy Headquarters to write legislators and such.

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