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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Why oh Why oh Why oh did they ever Close the Ohio

Yep, Ohio Theatre is indeed closing. This August.  The reprieves have run out, negotiations are over.

No update on the website yet, but a release has gone out, including an invitation to any "alums" to contribute to what sounds like a terrific archive in the making:

To mark this traumatic event, the Ohio Theatre will be providing a space on their website,, where artists and audience members will be able to post their thoughts, memories and experiences at the theatre. Robert Lyons goes on to say, “There will also be a place for artists who have performed at the Ohio Theatre to post production photos. We especially encourage those with pre-digital photos to take the time to scan and post them. Literally thousands of theatrical events have taken place at the Ohio over the last 29 years and we would like to have them ALL represented. We also encourage people to make a donation to help us through what promises to be a difficult transition.”
the current season continues, including preparation for Ice Factory 2010, as well as plans for a MAJOR dance party some time this summer.
At least they'll go out with a blast.

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